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Greensboro, NC
Full time Irrigation repair Technician, 1-2 years experience
Greensboro, NC
Irrigation repair Technician trainee
Greensboro, NC
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We are hiring Irrigation Repair Technicians, if you like the Great Outdoors and you're looking for a full / Part time job or have a friend that is looking reach out to us (336)430-4287 or

** Job requirements **
1. Education and training: High school diploma or equivalent.
Prefer candidate with some vocational training or an associate degree in irrigation, horticulture, or a related field.
2. Experience: Prefer candidate with minimum of 2 years experience working with irrigation systems, repairing and troubleshooting problems, and expertise gained through previous work as an irrigation technician, landscaper, or related field.
3. Knowledge of irrigation systems: Candidates should have a thorough understanding of various types of irrigation systems, different manufacturers components, including drip irrigation, turf rotors, and turf spray irrigation systems. Candidates should also know how to troubleshoot and repair problems with these systems.
4. Technical skills: Candidates for irrigation system repair technician should have strong technical skills, including the ability to use volt meters, trenching equipment, hand tools, and various power tools, read and interpret technical manuals, and diagnose and repair electrical and mechanical problems.
5. Physical fitness: The job of an irrigation repair technician may require working in extreme heat or cold environments, standing, bending, and lifting for extended periods of time. Therefore, candidates should be physically fit and able to perform the necessary tasks.
6. Customer service skills: Good communication and customer service skills are important for an irrigation repair technician, as they mav need to explain the problem and the repair process to clients as well as communicating with other staff.
7. Valid driver's license: Qualified candidates must have a valid driver's license and a good driving record, as irrigation repair technicians must travel to clients' homes, commercial properties, athletic fields, or businesses to perform visual inspections and make necessary repairs.
8. Certifications: Prefer candidates that have industry certifications such as Certified Irrigation Technician (CIT) or Certified Irrigation Contractor (CIC).
Check each Employment Requirement that you currently meet:
I have a valid Drivers License with good driving record
I speak fluently in the English language
I have 1-2 years of irrigation system repair experience
I can pass a North Carolina background check
I can pass a drug test, I understand that this is Mandatory
I have a dependable means of transportation
I have a high school diploma or equivalent training
I love solving problems for customers
I love working outside
My Email
My Mobile number
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